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Fredrickson, Jack The Black Cage: A Milo Rigg Mystery

In this well-written mystery, The Black Cage: A Milo Rigg Mystery (Severn House Publishers), it’s bitter winter in Chicago, and disgraced crime reporter Milo Rigg wakes up every night dreaming that his wife is calling to him from a black cage. He can’t reach or save her – she was killed by a random bullet two years before. Consumed with grief, he tried to expose a botched murder investigation, but the case nearly destroyed Milo’s reputation along with his career.

He was sent by paper’s struggling editor to the far suburbs, to write human interest stories. But now there are more murders, and he thinks the cases might be linked, so Milo is back asking questions. Everywhere he turns, it seems like someone is lying or covering up the truth. And he’s not sleeping well, because of the black cage. He just has to figure out what it’s trying to tell him.

Jack Fredrickson ls the author of seven Dek Elstrom PI mysteries, the first of which, A Safe Place for Dying, was nominated for the Shamus Award for Best First Novel, and one standalone, Silence the Dead. His short fiction has appeared in the acclaimed Chicago Blues, Michael Connelly’s The Blue Religion, and Charlaine Harris’s Crimes by Moonlight. He was a top pick in a recent Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine reader poll. In his spare time, Jack plays tennis, hikes, was a subscriber (pre-Covid) to Lookinglass Theater and the Chicago Symphony, and plays both guitar and banjo. A former library trustee, president of its Friends group, and occasional newspaper columnist, Jack lives west of Chicago, where he at work on his next mystery.

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