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Louise Penny

Author of The Armond Gamache Mysteries

February 14, 2023

Canadian author Louise Penny is a little younger than me and has written one of the most beloved mystery series of all time ( I think). Her Inspector Gamache has a complex personality and has experienced much anguish but still maintains his kind dignity. She writes that he is based on her husband Michael, who developed dementia and died in 2016 at age 83.

Penny credits her husband with having given her the ability to stop working and focus on writing. She was already forty when she published Still Life, the first of the Gamache books (which I loved).

I think highly of Louise Penny’s ability to portray her characters with so much humanity. They feel the range of human emotions and seem like they could walk off the page and continue their conversations. I’ve devoured at least five Inspector Gamache novels and would continue reading the entire set if I wasn’t trying so hard to read at least one book of every author I know (and those I don’t)!

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