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No More Empty Spaces

D.J. Green

April 9, 2024

No More Empty Spaces (She Writes Press, 2024) opens with Will Ross, an engineering geologist, who shares custody of his three children with his ex-wife, taking his 1953 Cessna up for a spin. It’s 1973, and he’s decided to take his children to a remote area of Turkey where he’s been hired to analyze the site of a damn. He plans to tell the kids, once they’re across the world, that they won’t be going back to their alcoholic mother. The kids face the trials of learning the language, grappling with being so far away, and having a blended family. Will faces enormous problems at the building site in this lovely story centered on geology, engineering, science, landscape, and adventure. It’s about how a loving family can provide balance against the emotional and physical challenges of living on this fragile earth.

D. J. Green is a writer, geologist, and sailor, as well as a bookseller and partner in Bookworks, an independent bookstore in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She lives near the Sandia Mountains in Placitas, New Mexico, and cruises the Salish Sea on her sailboat during the summers. An avid outdoorswoman, she loves to hike, backpack, birdwatch, and pick up and contemplate rocks (but never ever take any home from a National Park). D. J. revels in a great conversation about books with customers and colleagues at Bookworks, and is always looking for the next great read.

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