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Joyce Yarrow

August 24, 2021

Today I talked to Joyce Yarrow about her new novel Sandstorm (D.X. Varos, 2021).

The message essentially parentless Sandi Donovan learns after being dumped first at an inattentive aunt’s and then at a bootcamp for delinquent teenagers, is to never put her destiny in anyone else’s hands. After her mother dies, her father uses her for cons but can’t be bothered to raise her. She’s fifteen but passes for twenty, and the man who takes her in after she escapes the bootcamp teaches her how to create and sell counterfeit goods. She already knows how to reinvent herself and is surprised at how easy it is to lie. She’s a quick study but struggles with wanting to live a legitimate life rather than continuing to be the grifter and con artist she was raised to be. No matter how good her intentions, everything she does triggers a sandstorm in this heartwarming, fast-paced coming of age tale.

Joyce Yarrow was raised in the Southeast Bronx, but escaped to Manhattan, where she wrote poetry while riding the bus through the Lower East Side. The Bus Poems were published, and her writing career was launched. She graduated from Antioch University in L.A. with a combined degree in Music and Communications – two lifelong interests. In addition to five published novels, Joyce's short stories and essays have appeared in numerous national publications, and she is a member of both the Authors Guild and Sisters in Crime. When she’s not writing, Joyce loves gardening, and when the pandemic is over, she plans to return to singing with the world music vocal-with-percussion ensemble, Abráce. They sing in 20 languages, and she’s great at memorizing lyrics but terrible in foreign language conversation.

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