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The Field

Victoria Garza

March 21, 2023

Victoria Garza begins her poetic memoir with her ten-year-old self learning that her little sister and cousin have died in a car accident. She painstakingly recalls lovely moments with her sister as they faced their parents’ divorce, their new lives surrounded by family members, their Mexican American culture and celebrations. Over the course of the book, she examines her own survivor’s guilt, her disassociation, and her attempt to rebuild herself. She includes the memories of other family members, each of whom remembers parts of that awful day, and she observes the different ways everyone is affected by grief. Garza also explores death and its customs as described by various poets, authors, and religious traditions. The Field (Jackleg Press, 2022) is a memoir about losing a loved one, family, and memory.

For most of Victoria’s professional writing career, she’s written journalism, screenplays, documentaries, and multimedia content. Sometimes, she’s a filmmaker, information designer and content strategist. She holds an M.A in Media Theory, History and Criticism from the University of Arizona and an M.F.A in Film and Media Production from NYU's Graduate Institute of Film & Television. Currently, she's a senior writer for Apple's WW Enterprise group. She and her wife Lisa live in the Bay Area with two soulful children named Augustin and Dakota. When Victoria is not reading or writing, she loves hiking, cooking, and having deep conversations with her toddlers.

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