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The Good Time Girls Get Famous

KT Blakemore

November 7, 2023

K.T. Blakemore’s Wild-Willed Women of the West Series (The Good Time Girls and The Good Time Girls Get Famous) opens when Ruby Calhoun’s former dancehall partner Pip Quinn, shows up at Ruby’s cigar shop in Kansas to tell her that Cullen Wilder, her former lover, wants them both dead. Ruby and Pip plan to warn Verna, a third woman at risk, and embark on an exhausting trip filled with blunders, con-men, cheating, and the breaking of several laws. Now there’s a bounty on their heads and Cullen’s henchmen are looking for them. As they struggle past challenges, Ruby recalls her former life in the Arizona Territory. In the second book, Ruby and Pip are still running from the law, but they can’t pass up the money they’ll earn by starring in a moving picture about how they survived their encounter with a notorious outlaw. After they get the money, their plan is to head for Mexico, but that’s as much as they know.

K.T. Blakemore grew up in the west and never left. Her novels The Good Time Girls and The Good Time Girls Get Famousare the first two adventures in the Wild-Willed Women of the West Series, featuring women who take no prisoners and succeed through sheer grit, determination, humor, and a parcel of luck. Her award-winning historical thrillers and young adult historical fiction, written under the pen name Kim Taylor Blakemore, have been awarded a Silver Falchion Award, Tucson Festival of Book Literary Award, and a Willa Award for Best YA Fiction. The Good Time Girls was honored as a New Mexico-Arizona Book Award Finalist. She is a member of Historical Novel Society, Women's Fiction Writers Association, and Women Writing the West. In addition to writing, she is a developmental editor and founder of Novelitics Writers Collective. She teaches editing and creative writing workshops to writing groups around the United States, Canada and the UK. She has hung her hat in California, Colorado, and currently the Pacific Northwest. The rain does not deter her research whether it be train timetables from 1905 or the best way to catch a loose horse.

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