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The Lost Archive

Lynn C. Miller

November 28, 2023

The Lost Archive (U Wisconsin Press, 2023) is comprised of a cast of characters who are mostly dealing with, or in the aftermath of a crisis of some kind. Or they are making big decisions about their lives. The stories bump up against each other, some longer, others shorter, from different time periods, geographical locations, and circumstances. There are several ex-husbands trying to weasel back in or extort, several women haunted by previous relationships, and several people who need to move, want to move, or just moved. Some stories are about friendship, relationships, lost chances, and the search for love, others are about mysterious happenings, mistaken identities, and end of life decisions. The Lost Archive is a collection of stories that delve into universal themes of resentment, betrayal, and redemption.

Lynn C. Miller is the author of four novels. Her third novel, The Day After Death, was named a 2017 Lambda Literary Award finalist in lesbian fiction, and her short story, “Words Shimmer,” won an Editor’s Prize at Chautauqua journal. Previously, Miller taught performance studies and writing at the University of Southern California, Penn State University, and the University of Texas at Austin. Since 2020, she’s co-hosted the podcast The Unruly Muse, which features original music and performances of fiction and poetry by living writers. She’s toured performances of Gertrude Stein, Edith Wharton, Katherine Anne Porter, and Victoria Woodhull. Hiking and swimming are favorite pastimes, as is exploring Puebloan ruins in New Mexico, Utah, and southwestern Colorado. She and her wife, Lynda Miller collaborate with the poet Hilda Raz as publishers of Bosque Press, and publish ABQ inPrint, a magazine of visual art and writing featuring artists with a New Mexico connection.

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