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The Truth Against the World

David Corbett

May 14, 2024

The Truth Against the World (Square Tire Books, 2023) is a brilliant literary fantasy about a divided, dystopian America on the verge of war. Shane, a former Irish combat soldier with a murky past, wants to save his young friend Georgie O’Halloran, who turned his stories of Celtic history and folklore into a beautifully illustrated book. She gave the book to her professor, who published it under his name and earned millions. It became a wildly popular video game that continues to inspire a violent transformation of America by roaming gangs of murderers. Shane, already trying to free Georgie from the psychiatric institution where she’s been hidden by her money-grubbing stepmother, is devoted to finding the deceitful professor. They embark on a cross-country journey, tracked by those in power and pursued by murderers.

David Corbett is the author of seven novels, which have been nominated for numerous awards, including The Edgar. His short fiction has twice been selected for Best American Mystery Stories, and a collaborative novel for which he contributed a chapter—Culprits—was adapted for TV by the producers of Killing Eve and will appear on Hulu in December 2023. His writing guides The Art of Character and The Compass of Character have been widely praised and used by both aspiring and established authors, and he is a monthly contributor to Writer Unboxed, an award-winning blog dedicated to the craft and business of fiction.

Prior to his career as a novelist, Corbett was a senior operative with the private investigation firm of Palladino & Sutherland in San Francisco, where he worked on a number of high-profile criminal and civil litigations, including the Cotton Club Murder Case, the People’s Temple Trial, Jordan Chandler v. Michael Jackson, a RICO litigation brought by the Teamsters membership against union leaders associated with organized crime, and a number of marijuana prosecutions linked to the Coronado Company out of San Diego. In his spare time, Corbett enjoys reading history, taking hikes in the Catskills with his wife and Wheaten terrier, Fergus, and tending to the sprawling garden on their property.

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