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Then She Woke Up

Jaime Baum

April 17, 2020

One summer, Joni Griffith Wexler realizes that she hasn’t paid enough attention to her life. While her sons are at sleepaway camp and her husband immersed in his work, she rushes from one impulsive decision to the next, striving unsuccessfully for clarity. It takes her two closest friends, an unexpected girls' weekend, and the surprising wisdom of a psychic medium to give her the confidence to take control of her life. Until a shocking event threatens to undo everything. Joni's story as recounted in Then She Woke Up will resonate with anyone who's ever thought, "How did I get here?" 

A life long writer, Jaime Baum’s background is in journalism and her prior work has appeared in magazines and newspapers such as Better, Living Without and the Sun-Times news group. She studied Journalism and History at Indiana University and spent the majority of her career in public relations. When she’s not reading or writing, Jaime loves to be outdoors walking, hiking, biking and gardening. She is a wife, mother, stepmom, daughter, sister, cat owner, dog lover and grateful friend. She loves chocolate, Paris, laughter, crimson fall leaves against a blue sky, and every woman who fights to make life better for others.

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